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New Sony Gizmo

Sony launched a new gizmo, a reader digital book, as it is called, here are some advantages of disadvantages of buying it:


It’s also available in silver and red

The good: Electronic book that can hold thousands of titles; excellent high-contrast screen rivals that of printed page and is easy to read in bright environments; some design and performance improvements versus first-gen model; 128MB internal memory, with more available via SD and Memory Stick Pro expansion slots; font size adjusts at the touch of a button; good battery life; also displays PDF and Word files, and plays MP3 files.

The bad: Downloadable titles are expensive and only available through Sony’s online store; AC adapter is an optional accessory (you charge the PRS-505 by connecting the included USB cable to your computer); desktop software isn’t available for Mac owners; PDF files are hard to read because they’re reduced to fit the screen and you can’t magnify (zoom) them; though diminished, some lag issues remain when flipping pages; no support for Audible audio books.

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Still Creative

You can see the gizmo from all angles now:

On the official website

Or on YouTube

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Creative: Olympus new series

Olympus launched a new series of digital cameras, here’s my favorite:


And here is the official description of the product:

  • Extreme optical performance in minimum size: 20x wide optical zoom (26-520mm*) – from extreme close-ups to the action as well as stunning scenes, 100x incl. digital zoom
  • Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilisation
  • Don’t miss the moment with high-speed 13.5fps sequence shooting**
  • Advanced Face Detection of up to 16 persons for perfectly focused and exposed faces plus correct exposure of other image areas
  • P/A/S/M exposure modes for creative freedom
  • 10 Megapixels to make poster-size prints
  • Built-in flash and wireless flash control from the camera body
  • xD-Picture Card and microSD Card compatible
  • Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound

You have never been closer to your subject before. Because with the SP-565 UZ Olympus offers you an extraordinary strong zoom. The Dual Image Stabilisation prevents camera shake, even when using the 20x optical zoom, while Advanced Face Detection Technology automatically detects up to 16 faces and then sets the optimal focus and exposure. 10 Megapixels cater to all resolution needs, and with the high-speed shooting function of 13.5 images per second you won’t miss a frame even with fast-moving objects. The high-performance camera is complemented by an extremely bright wide-angle lens. As a result, the SP-565 UZ is the ideal choice to fulfill the highest photographic demands.

*Equivalent to a 35mm camera
**In 3 Megapixel mode

I used to be more of a Canon person, but I love this camera. Now I’m just curios about what will come next. It seems kind of fragile, though, hope I won’t break it;))

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And Now It’s Even Easier

You might find this video useful if you’re searching for a new phone:

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Comparing iPhones


Catch a glimpse of the differences between the first Apple iPhone 3G and the new Apple iPhone 3G S:

iPhone 3G                                  /                              iPhone 3G S

2-megapixel camera                                         3-megapixel autofocus camera

Video recording

Cut, Copy & Paste                                                Cut, Copy & Paste

MMS                                                                           MMS

Voice Memos                                                         Voice Memos

Spotlight Search                                                    Spotlight Search

Landscape keyboard                                          Landscape keyboard

Voice Control

Digital compass

Prices for the new iPhone 3G S range from $199 – 16GB to $299 for 32GB.

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Gadget Fans=Monday Fans

This blog will become a reason for gadget lovers to also love Mondays;)

You’ll see what I love, what I hate, and you will be able to make an informed decision concerning the new question: “To buy, or not to buy?”


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