Posted by: stanmonday | July 25, 2009

What’s i-SOBOT?

Basically… a toy.

It may even be a little older than the other gadgets&gizmos that have made their way into my posts, but it’s cute, and I only recently found out about it.


The smallest humanoid robot in production, only 6.5 inches tall, SOBOT can can walk, dance, sit down, and even do martial arts; and of course, it can talk. Sound effects and music are also among the things it can reproduce.

SOBOT runs on batteries that last about an hour after they have been fully charged and can recognize 10 voice commands. The set also comes with a remote to control SOBOT.

The bad parts?

The price, I suppose; I couldn’t find it yet.

And I also have mixed feelings about the look; it doesn’t look that friendly, it’s kind of a combination between Lego and Transformers:-?? Still, it reminds me about the early years;)) it;s just the robot I longed for when I was a kid:D


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