Posted by: stanmonday | July 16, 2009

Heart Robot

We all think that most gadgets are Japanese, right?

And if they aren’t, they’re Asian anyway; it goes something like: “Russian parts, American parts, they’re all made in Taiwan”

How would you feel if I told you that Europeans have come up with something better? You’d probably say I’m talking about Germans, or Eastern Europeans, since they’re seen as both practical and creative; well, guess who has come up with Heart Robot?


The Brits!

I couldn’t believe it myself; but the people at Bristol Robotics Laboratory have designed something more impressive than what the Japanese have released in years. And here’s the official story:

How will people change when the machines around them seem to have emotions?  Soon there will be robots around us that use the language of emotion – smiling, looking sad or worried – in order to communicate with us more easily.  Even though these robots won’t have real emotions, we might easily imagine they do!

Will this change us?  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… but these ’emotional machines’ will be part of our lives soon!

We decided to use a puppet to bring these questions to people outside of Science Fairs and in the streets.  Puppeteers know how to make things ‘come alive’ so they seem to have emotions.  With a puppet with robotic features perhaps we can show people a little glimpse of how they might react to robots soon.

I’ll come back with a video of heart in action as soon as possible:)

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