Posted by: stanmonday | July 1, 2009

New Sony Gizmo

Sony launched a new gizmo, a reader digital book, as it is called, here are some advantages of disadvantages of buying it:


It’s also available in silver and red

The good: Electronic book that can hold thousands of titles; excellent high-contrast screen rivals that of printed page and is easy to read in bright environments; some design and performance improvements versus first-gen model; 128MB internal memory, with more available via SD and Memory Stick Pro expansion slots; font size adjusts at the touch of a button; good battery life; also displays PDF and Word files, and plays MP3 files.

The bad: Downloadable titles are expensive and only available through Sony’s online store; AC adapter is an optional accessory (you charge the PRS-505 by connecting the included USB cable to your computer); desktop software isn’t available for Mac owners; PDF files are hard to read because they’re reduced to fit the screen and you can’t magnify (zoom) them; though diminished, some lag issues remain when flipping pages; no support for Audible audio books.



  1. I think your discovery is a very interesting one and I consider it’s a good idea and useful for all of us.Good luck with your articles.

  2. Wow, this is a pretty cool gadget!!I’m crazy about book, I enjoy reading a lot but mostly when I travel I have a big problem in choosing which book to take with me and which ones to leave at home.

    This digital book reader seems perfect for my book storage problem! Can you please give me some more info about it?Like…what its dimensions are and how much does it cost.Also, I want to know how it translates into hours the term “good battery life”.
    Thanks for sharing the info

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