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Face-Changing Robot

Developed by Japanese University Waseda:

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MP3s: compare

I think you should check out this tool before moving on to MP3s, it’s worth it:

I found some new MP3 models, they look good and sound even better, I’ve seen them and seen what they are capable of, now I’ll let you compare.

In the left corner, we have a  South Korean representative, Samsung YP-S2:


  1. It can store up to 2GB of music
  2. it can play MP3s, OGG and WMAs
  3. it has no FM radio and
  4. it’s battery lasts up to 13 hours.
  5. it doesn’t have a voice recording feature

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for a stylish MP3 player, with a clear sound, and a pretty good battery life, it is; if you want more…  well, if you want more, you’ll decide later:P
In the right corner, we have another South Korean representative, the iriver Mplayer:

  1. Mplayer_1it can store up to 1GB of music
  2. it can play MP3s and WMAs
  3. the battery lasts for about 9 hours
  4. it doesn’t have an FM tuner
  5. it doesn’t have a voice recording feature
  6. but it does have a Mickey Mouse Disney design
    Is this one worth it?
    It is, if you’re looking for a present for a Disney fan:)

To sum it up, I think it’s a tie; but I’m sticking my Rolly:

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i-Sobot in Action

I have found videos with i-SOBOT, apparently he can do more than what I expected; enjoy;)

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What’s i-SOBOT?

Basically… a toy.

It may even be a little older than the other gadgets&gizmos that have made their way into my posts, but it’s cute, and I only recently found out about it.


The smallest humanoid robot in production, only 6.5 inches tall, SOBOT can can walk, dance, sit down, and even do martial arts; and of course, it can talk. Sound effects and music are also among the things it can reproduce.

SOBOT runs on batteries that last about an hour after they have been fully charged and can recognize 10 voice commands. The set also comes with a remote to control SOBOT.

The bad parts?

The price, I suppose; I couldn’t find it yet.

And I also have mixed feelings about the look; it doesn’t look that friendly, it’s kind of a combination between Lego and Transformers:-?? Still, it reminds me about the early years;)) it;s just the robot I longed for when I was a kid:D

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Heart Robot Videos

I managed to find 2 videos about Heart Robot, they only make me love him more

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Heart Robot

We all think that most gadgets are Japanese, right?

And if they aren’t, they’re Asian anyway; it goes something like: “Russian parts, American parts, they’re all made in Taiwan”

How would you feel if I told you that Europeans have come up with something better? You’d probably say I’m talking about Germans, or Eastern Europeans, since they’re seen as both practical and creative; well, guess who has come up with Heart Robot?


The Brits!

I couldn’t believe it myself; but the people at Bristol Robotics Laboratory have designed something more impressive than what the Japanese have released in years. And here’s the official story:

How will people change when the machines around them seem to have emotions?  Soon there will be robots around us that use the language of emotion – smiling, looking sad or worried – in order to communicate with us more easily.  Even though these robots won’t have real emotions, we might easily imagine they do!

Will this change us?  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… but these ’emotional machines’ will be part of our lives soon!

We decided to use a puppet to bring these questions to people outside of Science Fairs and in the streets.  Puppeteers know how to make things ‘come alive’ so they seem to have emotions.  With a puppet with robotic features perhaps we can show people a little glimpse of how they might react to robots soon.

I’ll come back with a video of heart in action as soon as possible:)

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Malware City

Malware City

I just found a very useful website concerning malware. It provides news about the latest Internet threats, and viruses descriptions, and it helps all type of users protect their computers. They also have a forum where you can get answers to your problems or help others solve theirs. Malware city is a BitDefender project, meant to help the online community, given the fact that we are facing more and more security threats.

Another interesting thing is the dictionary which can help you understand anything you were afraid or ashamed of asking before. You can also download free wallpapers, banners and avatars.

However, the most important thing the site has to offer is the possibility to perform an online scan to your computer.

Malware City

Here’s the link, hope you find it useful:

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Dancing Mp3

It’s time to brag;))

Though Rolly was launched some time ago, I just got it, and I honestly can’t get my hands off it, it’s great. The story goes like this: in 2007, Sony launched a new product, Rolly, the dancing mp3; it had a pleasant design and it was available in black and white. Unfortunately, the price was about $400, way over what I could spend on an mp3.

I heard that The prices were to be cut down by Sony, but I still have no idea of how much Rolly costs. Just bellow you’ll get to see Rolly dancing on a song we all love, enjoy it:

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For Games and Gamers

It seems that I have became a gaming fan, just because i have a bit more free time on my hands during the summer; so I thought I’d mix a bit my new activity with my now old hobby, gadgets. As this is a blog about gadgets, not games, I will stick to my habit and share a new release from Genius, the Navigator 365 Laser. If someone knows where I can buy it from, please let me know, I’ve tried some websites but couldn’t find it yet.

Here is the official product overview:

A built-in laser sensor renders superb tracking performance to acclerate your working efficiency. At the same time, with the DPI adjustment design between 1600 and 800 dpi you can switch to meet different screen resolutions such as 1024×768 pixels or 800 x600 pixels.
Open the mouse to use the game pad and it’s designed to meet the games you want to play. It also has eight way directional pad and programmable buttons to program gam actions; ensuring your comfort and always putting you in a winning position without any compromise.

Key features:

  • 2-in-one game pad laser mouse
  • Laser sensor provides excellent tracking accuracy, better than a regular optical mouse
  • 1600 and 800 dpi resolution; adjustable for wide screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels or 800x 600 pixels
  • Popular silver black color is a great match for notebook environments
  • 8 way D-Pad and programmable buttons
  • Compact size for portable convenience

And if you don’t love it yet, here are some pictures to get a better look:


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Video Review

A video review is also available (by the way, prices range from $259.00 – $299.95).

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